Did Someone Say “Derby?”

Spring & Summer are my favorite shopping times of the year! I try to save as much as I can for spring and summer shopping because of ALL the beautiful dresses.  For some reason I get completely obsessed and it seems to all start around planning for the Derby & Preakness.  I am especially excited for the Kentucky Derby because my husband and I are hosting a viewing PARTY!!!!  I am not exactly sure what I will be wearing yet but our theme is Big Hats, Bourbon and Bow Ties! Since its a back yard party and I will be running around a good bit I am looking for something that is comfortable and casual that I can wear all summer long.  I did a quick drop in to the Baltimore Anthropologie last week and created this outfit! I saw the Midships Sun Hat immediately and then was a the hunt for a dress to match. Luckily, I did not have to go too far when I notice their Cafe dress. It is definitely in my top 5 choices for the weekend!

Anthropologie Cafe Dress 2 _MYAnthropologie Cafe Dress 13Anthropologie Cafe Dress 5 _MYAnthropologie Cafe Dress 14Anthropologie Cafe Dress 9 _MYAnthropologie Cafe Dress 12Anthropologie Cafe Dress 1 _MYAnthropologie Cafe Dress 15Anthropologie Cafe Dress 3 _MYAnthropologie Cafe Dress 7 _MYAnthropologie Cafe Dress 8 _MYAnthropologie Cafe Dress 4 _MY



MAR Y SOL Portland Packable Raffia Tote & Dani Woven Raffia Flap Clutch

{MaeWood Photography}

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Shopping Bag Art

shopping bag 9

Weekend DIY project started and finished in the same weekend… only 12 years in the making!!!!  Among the many things that I collect (clothing hang tags, headbands, flip flops, bandannas, scarfs… the list goes on and on) shopping bags is one of them.  Especially unique colorful bags from some of my favorite boutiques. I have […]

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