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When I think about summer, I smile from the inside out.  It is without question my favorite season of the year. Sure, I enjoy the leaves changing color in fall, cuddling by the fire and watching the winter snow fall and slipping into sandals for the first time in the spring but SUMMER…oh how I love summer! It’s the fresh corn on the cob, cookouts with friends and family, vacations, sun till 9’oclock, lightening bugs, sipping drinks on the patio, snowballs and summer dresses that have me falling in love with summer time and time again.

I think our culture of having school off during the summer somehow ingrained into my soul the idea that summers should be carefree and FUN!  And what better way {other than vacations} to celebrate summer than to host a party! You don’t even need a reason to celebrate…spending time with friends and/or family is reason enough! Once you decide to throw/host a party, try to get the date out as soon as you can… summer months are the busiest for vacations and parties so you want your guests to reserve the date you selected. However, don’t shy away from impromptu gatherings… sometimes those are the most fun!

Over the years my close {in relation and proximity} group of girlfriends has gotten smaller and smaller. A few of my close friends have moved, some have kids varying in age and a few do not have kids.  While we are good friends, most of us are in a few different stages of life which makes it pretty hard to get together even on a semi regular basis. The one thing most of us do have in common is that we work full time…which means we have paid vacation and some sort of childcare in place during the day.  {See where I am going here???} Sometimes you need to get creative with your schedule and the time you take for your friends. Forget Sunday Funday and bring on Whatcha Doing Wednesday!!!

If I am going to use a vacation day { a precious, highly coveted vacation day} it better be for something FUN and I mean really FUN! I’m thinking go big or go home kind of fun! My ideal day with the girls is getting glammed up {because you know lots of pictures/selfies will be taken… although putting your phones away for the afternoon is a good idea so you can really enjoy your time together}, eating some delicious food somewhere outside and splurging on some bubbly and sweets! Some ideas that come to mind for an adventurous day could be a local amusement park, hiking, tubing, boating/canoeing or for a relaxing day try the new spa in town followed by an afternoon lunch. Brunch or lunch dates are probably the most common and easier to plan, but think about how you could make these a little more special.  Whether you splurge a little or a lot… it is a day dedicated to enjoying your gal pals!

Here are my favorite top three Bubbly with Your Besties Ideas:

1_ Garden Party! This could be in your backyard, local winery or nearby park. Spruce up the party presentation with a few florals from your local florist, some yummy treats from a favorite bakery, a couple sandwich trays and ask the girls to each bring a bottle or two of champagne. Use some colorful plates, linen napkins and fun tableware to bring the party to life!

2_Mimosas & Manis! Do you have a small local nail salon that you love to frequent?  Talk to them about reserving a block of time for you and your girls to enjoy the day together. I personally prefer the nail salon vs. the spa because it is much more social. Ask the salon if they could work the scheduling so you and the girls are the only guests there at the time. Coordinate with the salon for them to play your favorite music, drink mimosas and snack on some yummy treats while being pampered with manis and pedis!

3_Poolside! Well it is summer and it’s hot!!! Grab the girls and head to the pool! If you live near a city check with your local Marriott, Four Seasons or local boutique hotel to see if they offer pool day packages. Often times if the hotels have a spa and pool you receive access to the pool when booking a spa service.  A hotel pool may eliminate kiddos that you might find at a country club or swim club and might even make you feel like you are on vacation for the day! Of course the perfect solution would be if you or one of your girlfriends have a pool to lounge around for the day. All you need bubbly, bathing suits and munchies!

Hope you are already texting your best gal pals to plan a day date… I know I am!

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Design Stylist: Shoptini

Photography: Maewood Photography

Venue: Vineyard at Mary’s Meadow

Videography: Positive Vibe Media

Florist: Fleur De Lis

Makeup Artist: Hashtag Hannah

Hair: The Brushing Bride

Bakery: Flavor Cupcakery

Boutique: Brightside Boutique

Tea: Coco Love Tea

Bloggers: Coffee-Stained LaceNever Been So / Craving Currently / Shoptini

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