About Me


Hello there fashionistas! My name is Kristi, I started shoptini back in 2013 on Instagram looking to navigate and learn social media.  What I didn’t expect was the opportunity to surround myself in a community with others who share similar interests.  From an early age I have always been passionate about clothing which has evolved into fashion trends, home decor,  makeup, styling my friends and family and shopping for pretty much anything and everything!! Shopping is one of my favorite hobbies and on any given day you can find me shopping for anything from linen napkins (a secret obsession) to stilettos to new bed pillows!  

I am a firm believer that style is a representation of who you are and how you bring your personality to life.  A great outfit can brighten your day, enhance confidence and maybe even turn a few heads! My style is not defined by one genre. I LOVE fashion and have fun creating different looks depending on my mood or the agenda of the day.  I like to experiment and create my own style.  I have an eye for taking a piece most might pass by and create multiple unique looks around it! 

Through shoptini I have been able to share my style and become friends with many other fashionistas like me! I decided to start a blog to help others enhance their style and share where to buy versatile items that can easily be added into current wardrobes. 

Contact Me: shoptinistyle@gmail.com