Lilly Pulitzer Bridal Shower

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During December – February a significant amount of couples become engaged each year!!!  This is an exciting time for the bride, her family and her friends.  Chances are you know someone getting married too and may even be involved in planning some of the bridal events.   Often times there can be a bit of pressure on family and friends to host unique engagements parties, bridal showers and bachelorette parties.  Here are a couple of tips I have learned along the way through hosting several of these events.

1. Talk to the bride first – Make sure each event is about the bride and would be something she likes (Does she wanted to be surprised or would she want to be the know?)

2. Talk to all the host(s) involved in planning the party to identify who is the lead planner, set a budget, agree to a dollar amount for contributions and assign tasks

3. If your on a tight budget seek out resources from Pinterest and Event Bloggers – you can save a lot through DIY

A few years back my family and I hosted my sister’s Lilly Pulitzer themed bridal shower with A LOT of DIY.  And, while they do save $$$ they will take TIME.  If you are going to tackle some DIY projects make sure you give yourself plenty of time prior to the actual event to complete your projects.

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Cinnamon Muffins for Christmas Breakfast

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It means so much to me to have my family all together during this special time of year.  As we have gotten older we tend to sleep in a little longer on Christmas morning.  So I took this opportunity to get up early and make cinnamon muffins for my family. Our Christmas morning usually last a […]

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