K.S. California-13

These days I’m finding I have less time to get ready in the morning than I’ve had just a few weeks ago. It might have something to do with the fact that it’s still dark at 7:00AM and I tend to sleep a little longer, or that I am just exhausted . Either way, I’m a […]

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Let’s Trench About It


Jackets are often an underrated essential piece of ones wardrobe. When you think about it, depending on where you live, you might wear a jacket every day for months in a row… that could be like 60+ days wearing some sort of coat or jacket over your clothing. Shocker, like everything else, I of course […]

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After eight months of parenthood I have to admit, this age right now has been a bit crazy, but the most fun! Kade has us constantly laughing and smiling. Watching him experience the world is quite possibly the coolest thing I have or will ever experience.  If I had to describe Kade in three words […]

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Mondays often get a bad rap… and this Monday in particular I am reminded to be optimistic, motivated and grateful!  Today I am smiling for one reason and one alone… simply because I can. I strive to always be thankful for my blessings, be appreciative of life and those in my life and to take nothing […]

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Ruffle Me This


I am happy to see that the “Ruffle” trend is not ending anytime soon because I am OBSESSED!  Ruffles are just one of those added details that can take an ordinary garment and turn it into extraordinary.  I don’t care what age you are ruffles are timeless… right up there with pearls, pink and tulle […]

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Top 10 Must Have Baby Items!


Thank goodness for product reviews and Moms who share their secret finds!  There seriously are SO many choices/brands for every baby item on the market. When I built our baby registry it took me a month because of all the research and review reading I did to prepare the best registry for us. I did a pretty good […]

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What a week alright! Last week kicked off New York Fashion Week and while it is my dream to attend one day I was lucky to be invited to a few stylish events in Baltimore showcasing 2017’s Fall Fashion! My week was shaping up to be a complete whirlwind but I couldn’t help but to be […]

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Woodland & Whimsical 6 Month Family Photos


Here we are again… another month another family photo sesh.  This one though kind of snuck up on me… so much so that if you have been following me for a while you might have noticed our 5 months photos are missing.  Don’t worry we didn’t skip a month… I am just a little behind […]

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Peach Festival Fun


TGIF! I am not sure I’m ready but I am definitely excited to be heading into a full weekend of events.  Honestly, I am a bit tired and could use a down weekend to recover from last weekend! Life lately has escalated from busy to whirlwind. I think it started in mid July after my […]

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