Weekend Getaway


My in-laws live outside of Raleigh and for the past seven years we have been passing signs for Lake Gaston every time we visit. One of our goals is to eventually own a vacation home at a lake or ocean and occasionally we discuss Lake Gaston being an option. {At the very least a place to visit}

Around the end of June I happened to be texting with a good friend (who lives in the Raleigh area) about trying to get together. It must have been meant to be because both of us are two of the busiest people I know and we both happened to have the same weekend free in July! Quickly our visit to catch up with our babies turned into a long weekend away for our families at Lake Gaston.

It was pretty last minute for us to rent a lake home on the very desirable lake…let alone one on a good location of the lake! We worked with Story Properties (the go-to rental property for Lake Gaston). Sandy and Beth were great at helping us find the perfect home for our getaway weekend at the lake! When we first called they had two homes available, the houses were great but location wasn’t exactly what had in mind. And then right when we were going to book one they had a new rental home on a great location become available…we booked it right away! All meant to be…

What I love about lake vacations is that you can roll in with everything you need and never leave… unless you’re on the boat! And roll in deep is exactly what we did…we all looked like we were moving in with all the baby items, water toys and food!

Surprisingly I had only packed two bags for myself… one for my clothes and one for shoes, makeup and accessories. And I still brought WAY too much! I did the same for Kade… packed way to much! With temperatures from 89-103 we all lived in our bathing suits and pjs at night!

It had been a while since we have had a lake trip and the first time taking a little one… I had some shopping to do!  Below are my lake must haves when travelling with an infant!

1_Infant Life Vest / 2_Infant One Piece Swimsuit UPF 50+ / 3_ Infant Aqua Socks / 4_Infant Sun Protection Hats / 5_Infant Sunscreen SPF50+ / 6_Babyaitors / 7_Inflatable Floats / 8_Infant Float / 9_Pink Sprinkle Donut Float / 10_Woven Sun Hat / 11_Red Gingham Bathing Top and Bottom / 12_Mix N Match Swim Top, TopTop and Bottom


IMG_8995 IMG_9135 IMG_9119 IMG_9028IMG_9212 IMG_9050 5792DAFF-0BF4-4B81-B853-CDDA81D3D2B9 IMG_9409 IMG_9513 SnapseedIMG_9445IMG_9210

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Happy 4th of July

Happy Birthday America! Another year older and hopefully another year wiser. Usually we celebrate the red, white and blue with all our friends in Baltimore on a rooftop deck with the view of about four to five firework displays. This year however our plans look a bit different. There is the obvious that now we […]

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Grumpy Bear


Proud eighties baby right here! As a child my all time favorite characters were the Care Bears. Sure there was also Strawberry Shortcake, Rainbow Brite, My Little Ponies, Pound Puppies, Snorks and the list goes on and on. Each one could arguably qualify for the best of the best when it comes to cult classic […]

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Stripes In The City


Life has been hectic since returning to work a month ago so I am a bit later than I expected in sharing this look with you! I purchased this dress in April when I was shopping for something to wear to the Preakness.  I had my heart set on a particular dress (sharing that look soon) but […]

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Mauve Maxi


Maxi dresses have easily become synonymous with summertime style! You can find maxis in all price ranges and fabrics from silk to satin, chiffon and cotton… the list goes on and on. This summer season I am all about comfort, wash-ability and style of course! Having a newborn, it’s really important to me that I’m […]

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Black Eyed Susan Style


One of Baltimore’s most prestigious events is the Running of the Preakness Stakes.  The weekend kicks off on Friday with Black Eyes Susan day. {The name pays tribute to the Maryland state flower}. Black Eyed Susan day {or BES} holds a lot of history for the city of Baltimore and was first run in 1919. […]

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Styled Three Ways: Gingham


This week I am styling a trendy off -the-shoulder gingham top from J.Crew ……………………………………………………………… Y’all know I love gingham and this seems to be the season to stock up!! Gingham is everywhere. What I love about this top is a few unexpected ways to wear it. Looking at this top hanging on the rack I immediately […]

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Mother’s Day Table Decor


Hard to believe Mother’s Day is just a few short days away! I always look forward to celebrating Mother’s Day with my amazing Momma and this year is now extra special because I am a Mom too!!! We are hoping for good weather and plan to picnic at Fort McHenry {right on the edge of Baltimore} […]

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Girl Gone Gingham


A few years ago Miu Miu came out with gingham slingback pumps that were AMAZING!  Unfortunately at the time I was not able to splurge on the heels and have regretted it ever since.  Finally I have found a similar pair from Banana Republic.  This time I did not hesitate to snag them up and at 40% off it […]

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For Lemons Sake


Feeling a little fruity lately? This season there is no shortage of fruit inspired items…you can wear, accessorize or entertain with a several fruits like lemons, limes or watermelons. My personal favorite is lemons! Lemon dresses, lemon purses, lemon shoes Oh My! PIPER STRIPE LEMON SKIRT {morninglavender.com $73} LEMON PRINT SKIRT {tandjdesigns.com $48 on sale} […]

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