Since Kade turned 10 months just before the holidays I thought it was only fitting that we glammed up our family photos. December has been much colder than I anticipated so that meant we would need to be inside for our pictures.  Close to where I work in the city is a new luxury apartment complex called Anthem House. I pass it everyday to/from work and admire how cool the building is, especially the pool about 4-5 stories up that overlooks the city. They were amazing to work with and extremely accommodating in allowing us to check out their space.  We were in awe of the refined rustic decor.  Each space was extremely warm and inviting with nods to Baltimore history, art and architecture. Each space was cooler than the next, lots of wood, metal, leather and cowhide textures. There were so many cool common area spaces for the tenants to utilize.  In their building they have several lounge areas, pool table, sitting nooks, courtyard, pool, and conference room.  I was totally swooning at the the little decor details, but my favorite were the large fire places and rolling shelves of books.  We popped outside to check out the pool overlooking the Harbor and snap a few pics but it was thirteen degrees so we couldn’t stay out there long. We also had a chance to explore one of the models… it was a two bedroom, 2 bath living space with a beautiful view of the city! If we were in the market for a new city home I would definitely like to live here!
As for our family style… we went fancy! I started with Kade’s outfit, we used his black corduroys with red suspenders from our Christmas photos,  a denim shirt, green plaid bow tie and Christmas plaid blazer.  I could have easily styled us in Christmas Red but since these we our family photos vs. Christmas photos I decided to go in another direction.  Once I had Kade’s look locked in, I went to my husband’s closet. Since Christmas was around the corner I was trying to avoid purchasing a lot of new items. I knew he had a navy blazer that would be perfect and found a green pinstripe shirt to compliment.  Next up was styling me… Sassanova has had me crushing on Misa Los Angeles dresses lately so I took a look to see what might work and there it was… the Madeline Dress. Perfect in every way!!! So many reasons pointed to this one being the winner! One, Mom’s name is Madeline {and I love that name}, two, crushed velvet {enough said}, three, long gown =fancy, four, the plunging neck line = sexy glam, five, the sleeves, and six, the most beautiful emerald green that would just pop next to my boys. Hug thank you to April from April Davidson Bly who did a fantastic job capturing so many smiles and fun moments from our time visiting the Anthem House.288A1388288A1165288A1501288A1580288A1732288A1321288A1239288A1125288A1495288A1563288A1661288A1767288A1777288A1574288A1446288A1200288A1306288A1519288A1652288A1678288A1760288A1418288A1251288A1702288A1671288A1399288A1545288A1339288A1669288A1762288A1508288A1612288A1675








April Davidson Bly Photography 

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Celebrating Nine Months in Raleigh


In honor of Kade’s ten month birthday earlier this week I am finally sharing our family photos from last month. November was a bit more hectic than usual… if you can believe that! We had plans every weekend and weren’t able to capture our family photos in time for his actual nine months which was the eighteenth but we […]

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Holiday Hosting


A few weeks ago I collaborated with White Glove Rentals to style their holiday showrooms. White Glove is a family owned event rental business serving Mid-Atlantic coast states. Lisa and Tim welcomed me with open arms. The husband and wife duo were absolutely wonderful and you cold tell immediately they take great pride in their clients […]

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K.S. California-13

These days I’m finding I have less time to get ready in the morning than I’ve had just a few weeks ago. It might have something to do with the fact that it’s still dark at 7:00AM and I tend to sleep a little longer, or that I am just exhausted . Either way, I’m a […]

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After eight months of parenthood I have to admit, this age right now has been a bit crazy, but the most fun! Kade has us constantly laughing and smiling. Watching him experience the world is quite possibly the coolest thing I have or will ever experience.  If I had to describe Kade in three words […]

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Reflecting on 7 Months of Parenthood


After seven months of motherhood, I wonder… Am I a different person? Have I changed so much that I almost don’t recognize myself or is it just that my priorities are different???  Don’t get me wrong this isn’t a bad thing… more of a realization moment. I am NOTHING like I thought I would be as […]

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Baltimore Baton Take Over


The other weekend I had the opportunity to takeover The Baltimore Baton. TBB is an instagram community where folks essentially pass the baton each weekend to B-more locals and the baton holder shares Baltimore through their eyes. My goal for hosting The Baltimore Baton was to share some of my most favorites shopping spots, some cool places to eat and […]

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Garden Party Styled Shoot


In early May I met with Maewood Photography and pitched them my ideas around planning a styled shoot over the summer. My goal was to collaborate with a variety of local small businesses to create beautiful content that highlights each business.  Maewood loved the idea and we tentatively penciled in a date at the end […]

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Four Month Family Photos


WOOHOO!!!! Four Months!!!! We have successfully survived four months of parenthood! And trust me, some days “survive” is exactly what we barely did!! Each road to parenthood, each pregnancy and each baby are unique for every family. I’m pretty sure no two journeys to becoming parents are alike. During our journey I realized that it […]

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