Every Girl Needs A Comfy Knit Dress

These days I am all about being comfortable!  From time to time, I do believe in the ole saying”Beauty is Pain”.  Like when I fall in love with a 4″ pair of stilettos and think I can wear them for six hours with no problem only to find my feet hurt after hour two!  But I keep them in my collection and still wear them because they are gorgeous! But sometimes (especially 8 months pregnant) I want to look amazing but not at the risk of how I feel.  I am sure you can relate even if you have not experienced pregnancy. I know I have mentioned this before but I am still amazed at how long it has taken my bump to arrive and the fact that it’s kind of on the smaller side.  And while I have not necessarily agreed… many people have been quick to comment on how small I am. So, naturally I am looking for clothing to accentuate the fact that I am indeed expecting and not that I have let myself go or just eaten a very large meal. On top of wanting to be being comfortable and show off my baby bump… I also want to be budget conscious. With all the spending we have been doing for the baby, his arrival plus the items/products I have needed it has added up quickly!  I am trying to find items that are non-maternity that will work for me now and post baby.  Dresses are always my go-to and while on a work trip a few weeks back I found some stylish, comfortable and affordable dresses at H&M. One of these dresses being a black and white jersey knit shift dress that I paired with classy black and gold accessories that I already owned. This dress is a non-maternity dress that I am sure I will be able to wear long after our baby arrives.  I love how cute and sassy this outfit turned out! And it is perfect for a day at the office, night out or brunch with friends.  Another cute idea is to style this dress is to wear fashionable sneakers and/or leather jacket and scarf!








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