Lake Louise


Baltimore has been down right frigid lately! over the winter break we were planning spending some time outdoors hiking and exploring new areas but the extremely low temps kept us all inside snuggled up together.  It sounds like our forecast is calling for snowfall in the next day or two… I take my snow showers very seriously and hope we get more than a light dusting.  The cold temps and possible snow is reminding me of my trip to Lake Louise back in November. On a map it says I was in Canada but being there in person felt like you were in a Winter Wonderland far, far way.  Actually, the far, far away part is very accurate!  Getting to Lake Louise was an all day event which included two flights to Calgary International and then a two hour drive. For those of you who may not be very familiar with the area… stop reading this and look up Lake Louise now! It should be added to your bucket list! All year round there is plenty to do there… hiking and canoeing in the summer to skiing, snowshoeing and dog sledding in the winter.  Oh, and ice skating on the lake too!  I was fortunate enough to stay at the Fairmont, home to the iconic Lake Louise. Literally, if you just googled Lake Louise your explorer feed was flooded with the iconic lake picture and this area is right behind the hotel! I did not have a lot of prep time for this trip nor did I know how much free time I might have but one thing I knew was I had to steal at least a few minutes to capture a look or two!  While packing I grabbed this dress {the one I wore in my maternity photos last January}, a plaid scarf, fur vest and boots. The first few days were a bit cloudy but supposed to clear out later in the week. I set out to see if I could find someone {possibly hotel staff} to help me with my photos and, thankfully, I did better than that. I happened to meet Tristen, owner of HTO Photography and together we captured these beautiful images. We planned to do a quick shoot one morning at first light which was BRRRRRR cold! And it happened to be snowing… as you can see in some of the pictures it was the big fluffy, slow falling kind of snow that added the perfect touch to these photos.

DSC_0632 DSC_1044 DSC_0636 DSC_1068 DSC_0633 DSC_0868 DSC_0636




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HTO Photography


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