Looking for a New Beach Bag?

Mar y sol ibiz tote

Hopefully you are planning or have already planned a fun summer vacation!!  One of the predicaments that we will all face is how to pack!!! And that is a tough question to answer without knowing your individual circumstances driving vs. flying, kids or no kids, pets or no pets.  That being said I am sharing a few of my favorites and hope one might work for you if your in the market for a new beach bag!

Scout Customized Beach Bag

You absolutely can not go wrong with the Scout Deano!  This tote is easy to carry and has a firm bottom that will keep the bag standing tall not matter where you set it down.  Perfect for pool towels, road snacks, toys and so much more!  You are also able to customize the prints, trim and add a monogram!  Available in a variety of models with additional pockets and zippers.


Planning a vacation beach side vacation with the kids? If so the Bogg Bag is one you should definitely consider! Made from durable EVA material this bag allows for heavy usage and easy washing.  Available in two sizes and a variety of colors.

Mar y sol ibiz tote

If you are heading on vacation with your girlfriends and looking for a stylish beach bag that will work for both an afternoon in the local markets as well as on the beach then Mar y Sol has plenty of options for you!  Their bags are exquisitely handmade in Madagascar from organically sourced leather and  hand weaved raffia.  These bags are not only beautiful but they also give the Madagascar families economic independence.

Sea Bags

Another great option are Sea Bags based out of Maine.  All of their bags are extremely durable because they are made from recycled ship sails.  They are very unique and will certainly catch others’ eyes!  Their bags and accessories come in a variety of sizes and prints.


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