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TGIF! I am not sure I’m ready but I am definitely excited to be heading into a full weekend of events.  Honestly, I am a bit tired and could use a down weekend to recover from last weekend! Life lately has escalated from busy to whirlwind. I think it started in mid July after my first work trip and hasn’t really stopped. Last week/weekend started Thursday evening when Meg from Maewood Photography and I attended Stephanie Bradshaw‘s Cake N Whiskey event at the new Pendry Hotel in Baltimore. The evening was filled with Baltimore’s finest girl bosses all out and about networking with local ladies. I am pretty sure I didn’t get home till 11pm and had to get started on a project for Kade’s six month family photos. After a few glasses of champagne at the event, bed was all I could think about so I have myself one task to get the project started and then I could go to bed. I was making a teepee for Kade’s shoot. {Here is the DIY teepee I followed from Project Nursery} The night previously {Wednesday} I had picked up the supplies and now had two evenings to complete the teepee for our shoot Saturday morning. Thursday evening I was able to accomplish wrapping all 6 pvc pipes with the faux wood sticky paper but that left a lot to be finished Friday. After working a full day Friday, meeting some girls for happy hour, driving around town to pick up items for Saturday I finally got home around 8:30pm and had the entire teepee to build. I stayed up till 1am finishing the teepee {and it even included a quick trip to Home Depot for the pvc caps that I forgot to get}. The things you do for your kiddos!  Saturday morning I was up and out the door quite early to meet Meg and Jes from Maewood to start setting up the shoot. We shot for a couple of hours, napped in the afternoon and then headed to the Harford Vineyard & Winery’s Peach Festival with my family.

You might be surprised but there are a lot of vineyards around the Baltimore area and most of them host a variety of events throughout the year. While I am always up for a fun event I do not frequent vineyards often because {get ready for this} I don’t like wine. I never have…no beer or wine… just liquor. There are a few vineyards that also brew hard ciders and I will drink those. I especially like the rare few vineyards that allow you to bring in your own adult beverages.  It is really comical to my husband and I {he doesn’t care for wine either} being around friends who drink wine and they swear we have to try theirs and they promise we will like it… and we never do. My family was convinced I needed to try to the peach wine… it was sweet and smoothe and I had to give it go.  I humored them and tried it… it wasn’t the worst drink I have tried but it wasn’t a drink I would choose to drink either but my family seemed to love it.  Thankfully, the festival had a small little stand with Peach Slushies for $4 and you could get your slushie kissed for one more dollar.  Kissed meant it had alcohol… super cute way to say alcohol added {I’m making a mental note to use that sometime}. The evening was lovely, the weather was warm but not too hot and the clouds helped keep the direct sun heat to a minimum.  We claimed an area in the middle of the field, listened to the live folk band, sipped on our drinks and caught up on life.  Of course Kade wanted to do a photo sesh with his Momma and Aunt Meg {two photo sessions in one day!} and it seemed only fitting since I was wearing my new Pink Blush maxi dress! {side note: available in womens and maternity}
 IMG_3643 IMG_3682 IMG_3599 IMG_3703 IMG_3653 IMG_3698 IMG_3657 IMG_3672 IMG_3738 IMG_3607 IMG_3702 IMG_3648 IMG_3689
I thought Sunday would be a bit relaxing but I needed to tend to my domestic goddess chores… you know the ones… laundry, dishes, grocery store and tidying up. I was able to carve out a little time for new project planning and blogging but before I knew it Game of Thrones was on… guilty pleasure!
There are so many fun festivals and events happening this weekend but the most exciting is that my sister is coming home!!! Kade and I are planning to make an Aunt Sandi sandwich all day on Saturday.  Sunday Aunt Meg, Kade and I are heading to the Sunflower Festival while Aunt Sandi, her hubby and my parents bike some CRAZY 30 mile bike race in PA.


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