Recently my husband built reclaimed wood shelves in our front living room and now it was my turn to add the decor.  I knew I would incorporate a few hour glasses passed down from my Grandmother and a couple of picture frames from Home Goods.  I was staring at the shelves trying to think about how I wanted to bring these to life, and of course do it on a budget.  I thought I would add some floral arrangements for additional color/texture and popped into our local Michael’s to see if anything sparked my attention.  It was my lucky day… Michael’s had 60% off all their fall florals!  Which was perfect for me because most fall florals are rustic and would certainly match our room decor.  My shopping list was for two arrangements since I have two shelves with a total budget of $30 for everything needed to make these arrangements.


First, I chose mini pine cones as the base of the arrangements. I only purchased one branch which cost $14.99 but with 60% off they were only $5.99


Along with the mini pine cones I chose cream and red/green berries which were also $14.99 each with 60% off.  Total for the berries were only $11.98


Next I needed some flowers and found a few ivory ones for $4.99 each also 60% off so only $4 for both! A total of $21 so far and with not a lot of $$$ left I went to find something for the arrangements to be placed in.  For only $3 each these small wood boxes were perfect! And I found dry foam squares at $3 each. 

$12 plus the $21 put me at $33 and I was able to use a 40% off coupon for one full price item.  Right at $30 – woohoo!!!



These arrangements are extremely easy to create and very affordable.  They took me roughly 20 minutes to complete.

DIY Instructions:

Unwrap the dry foam squares and place one dry foam in each wood box.


Snip individual branches off each of the stems and be sure to leave enough room to stick the stems in the dry foam squares.  Start to place stems in a semi random order into the squares.  I like to start on the outside of the square and work my way to the inside.


I alternate placing the stems with the mini pine cones, berries and ivory flowers.


If you do not like a position just pull out the stem and re-stick it into the foam.  Keep adding stems to your desired fullness.



I prefer my arrangements to look similar but not identical.  If you prefer identical I would create each arrangement simultaneously verses creating them one at a time (which is what I did).


I’m extremely happy with these quick, easy and affordable florals…Next up using them to decorate the shelves!


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