4 Month Photos: Coordinating in Camo


I’m a bit behind on my blogging lately for so many reasons but a big one is that I just wrapped a really fun project that I can’t wait to share with you later this month!  Aside from that it has still been an adjustment to steal a few quick “me” moments with all the everyday craze of work/parent stuff! As I write this I am I am wondering how is it August already and that Kade will be 6 months old in a few weeks.  Time is flying by and Kade is developing in so many ways everyday. I know I mention in every post my love for photos , especially our family photos! Setting aside time for the first year of Kade’s life to capture monthly family pictures is important to me for so many reasons. One – they are memories for a lifetime, two – they are the perfect way to document Kade’s growth, three – they make great gifts to share with family and four – they allow me to do what I do best…style them!

Many families make it a priority to capture their family photos over the summer months which makes a lot of sense considering the kiddos are home from school and the weather is typically nice. If you find yourself considering family photos consider these tips to help ensure you capture photos that you will love for years to come!

1_ Location, Location, Location: First think about how you plan to use your family photos. Christmas cards, home decor, family calendars and gifts for family members are a few possibilities for sharing the moments you capture.  Once you have an idea of how you will use your photo this can help guide the decision as to where you would like your photos to take place. The beach, mountains, studio, inside/outside your home, local park or favorite family spot are just a few ideas.  I personally love to use photos as art/home decor throughout our house.  Our  home decor is filled with a variety of reclaimed woods, rustic tiles, fur accents and earth tone colors. When I think about our photo style I keep this in mind and usually tend to have wooded forests and water as a backdrop so our photos compliment our home decor.

2_ Photographer: Whether you have worked with a professional photographer in the past or this is your first time hiring one there are few things to keep in mind. If you have kids or pets you absolutely want to make sure the photographer you hire has experience with both.  {You may even want to considering have the photographer over for a pre-shoot meet & greet so they can get acquainted with your kids and/or pets}. A professional photographer’s job is so much more than showing up and pushing a button.  A great photographer will be invested in bringing your photos to life and we all know it can be hard to control the “talent” {aka the kiddos and pets}.  But seasoned photographers will have crafted ways in which to engage or manage the shoot that is accommodating to all involved.  You should review the potential photographers social media, website and blog to visually see their previous work and read reviews on their services.  Prior to your family photo session you will want confirm with the photographer and be very clear on the package you will be receiving in exchange for payment. When hiring a photographer I look for packages that include the photographer’s time and a certain amount of edited {non watermarked} digital photos that I personally select and share the rights to so I that I can make prints in the future.  Many photographers will include prints in their packages its just my personal preference to print my own.

3_ Expectation: As a stylist I am pretty meticulous with our family photo style and thankfully I have a husband who is quite accommodating to my visions. While he does humor my creativity it can sometimes be a bit much so I try to discuss with him in advance so he knows what he is getting into prior to the session.  I highly advise discussing the photo session with your family and making it about having a fun moment together.  If you or your spouse are not thrilled about taking the photos your kids will pick up on those vibes and it could breed a disaster on shoot day.  Try to align as a family that these are important and that they will be fun! Even ask them what kind of photo would they like to take or if they have any ideas on props or what you all should wear. And don’t be shy about looking online for inspiration from other family photos!

4_ Style: My favorite! Family style is unique to every family and can be captured in a variety of ways! Take the time to sit down with your family and discuss the upcoming photo session. Discuss how you will be using the photos and let family members share ideas for the shoot style.  For our family photos I coordinate our outfits making sure there is a complimentary color pallet and texture to our look that works well with our selected photo session location. Think about how you can include your family’s personality into the shoot… having your pet be a part of the session with you, taking a few photos in your favorite team jerseys, choosing a wardrobe theme {preppy, bohemian, country} , putting your kiddos on your shoulders, playing a game/interacting or including props like Santa Clause hats are just a few ideas.  Look for more ideas by checking out Pinterest and search family photos.

For Kade’s four month photos we chose Oregon Ridge Nature Center {about 20 minutes north of Baltimore} for our location and planned on having one outfit change during our session –  these photos are our second look.  I knew it would be pretty hot {we took these at the end of June} and privacy limited so I needed our wardrobe change to be fairly minor.  A new shorts for Kade, shirt for Dad, I changed my dress and we coordinated with camo beanies and headband from Noxx. Megan from Maewood Photography was amazing on this shoot as she had Kade smiling and cooing throughout our session.  I love how Megan captured so many precious candid moments especially when we were all laughing so hard seeing Kade grab his Daddy’s beard. Kade’s favorite was to be on his Dad’s shoulders where he would grab handfuls of beard and start giggling.


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