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Who has enough time these days? I would guess many of us feel like we do not have enough time.  I personally struggle daily with prioritizing my time for work, family, friends and myself.  On top of the daily/weekly time predicament, now you add the holiday shopping, parties, traffic and travel.  I LOVE the Christmas Season and make a conscious effort every year to make sure I remain engulfed in the Christmas Spirit and force myself to make time for what is most import to me or those I care about.  Listening to Christmas Carols 24-7 and decorating our house like a warm Christmas City Lodge help me stay in the Christmas Spirit throughout the season. Oh, and let me not forget to mention Christmas movies!  At least one night a week I have a date with the Hallmark Channel to watch a Christmas movie while wrapping presents or simply cuddling up with a hot cup of cocoa.  Sometimes I feel like I am frantically checking things I love off my list just to make sure I get them done and then I realize I didn’t even get a chance to enjoy it.  That was almost the case this year with our Christmas pictures! My schedule seemed to be filling up faster than I could keep track and I was afraid we would not have time to take our holiday pictures. And if we did I was sure we wouldn’t have time to turn them around for Christmas Cards. Then my husband, sometimes the voice of reason suggested we take a day off to spend together and we could use a few hours of the day for our pictures.  And that is just what we did! BUT that of course meant a whole new type of planning – what day should we take off? what would we wear? where should we take our pictures? I found myself I little overwhelmed so I sat down to a Christmas movie an made a list of what I need to accomplish and what could I let just happen.  Since I am 7 months pregnant I definitely needed a maternity Christmas dress… I started searching at Pink Blush and was surprised at how many beautiful holiday dresses they offered, I ordered a beautiful burgundy sequin holiday dress (that I will also be wearing later in the month for a Christmas dinner) which happened to coordinate perfectly  with a suit and tie my husband already owned so we were set!





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