Mother’s Day – 3 Month Family Photos


Since it was my very first Mother’s Day as a Mommy my family let me choose how we would celebrate the day.  I kept my wish list simple… if the weather was good a picnic, if the weather was bad brunch (I love breakfast food!) and family photos…of course!

The day started out on schedule… I woke up extra early to go for a nice run, take a hot shower and spend the time I wanted getting ready for the day. I was hoping we would leave the house by 11am to head to Fort McHenry but around 10:30 some zigging and zagging started… my parents were running late, we had some family in the area stop by to say Hello and Kade really started to show that he wasn’t feeling good.  We finally had the car all packed up by 12:45…. grrrr! I was a little frustrated to say the least, crammed in the back of our Tahoe surrounded by a stroller, coolers and bags… then not even two miles down the road I realized we forgot the tripod. I asked that we turn around the car and noticed the time – it was 1pm and Kade needed to eat at 1pm!!!! I started crying… I was hungry and wanted to picnic but I just couldn’t have Kade waiting to eat an hour before we got to the park and setup. So, I asked everyone to vacate the car, I climbed out of the little hole I was buried in and went back into the house to feed Kade. While feeding him with tears in my eyes I knew I had a choice… yes the day had not gone as I planned, yes I was upset and frustrated and YES I had the power to change to change my attitude. Planning is a little different now and I need to be able to go with the flow more often than not. After feeding Kade I went up stairs, took a couple deep breaths, fixed my makeup and returned to everyone with a smile on my face and a “Mother’s Day Take Two” outlook. The weather was beautiful all day and once we unpacked what looked like a week’s worth of stuff we settled in for our picnic. We enjoyed WaWa subs {my fav!}, champagne and chocolate covered strawberries.  We captured a few cute pictures throughout the afternoon even though Kade was really tired and feeling pretty stuffy.
I share my Mother’s Day story with you not to complain but rather to be honest about change.  Motherhood is amazing and extremely rewarding… raising Kade will without a doubt, be my biggest accomplishment but that doesn’t mean it is easy.  {And we all know nothing worthwhile is easy} I’m proud of myself for overpowering my emotions and expectations of the day, especially because it turned out to be a beautiful Mother’s Day, my first Mother’s Day and we have these special photos to make sure we always remember.

IMG_0068 IMG_9968 IMG_0328 IMG_0086 IMG_0162 IMG_0061 IMG_0201 IMG_9965 IMG_0088 IMG_0036


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