Hospital Pack List for Expecting Momma’s


For all the preggo and future preggo  Momma’s this post is for you!

When I started packing for the hospital I searched several recommended lists which at the time were very helpful and I packed according to those lists.  However, after my experience I realized the list(s) lack in telling you exactly what items will be game changers for you and the baby during the hospital stay and after!
Thankfully I have a great group of girlfriends who just had or are about to have a baby so we were (and still are) able to share our stories and items that make life just a little easier, or at least more comfortable! Now I am sharing what I learned with you.
This post is going to be down and dirty because I want you to take away the products I couldn’t live without and you shouldn’t either!!! I’m going to start with these first. Then below the must have’s I will share my entire pack list and highlight the items I actually used/needed. I hope you find this helpful because I wish I would have had a list like this before I packed!


I brought several pairs of pj’s for my hospital stay but I ended up living in my robe for a few days.  It was just easier  for me… between getting up to use the restroom and nursing frequently.  I chose a pretty robe from Pink Blush Maternity … it was very soft, comfortable and looked nice for our first 48 photos. {Maewood Photography}


Throughout my pregnancy I was extremely thirsty and anticipated being thirsty in the hospital too.  To avoid my husband or the nurses continually bringing me water I packed our 30 oz. Yeti tumblers that not only hold a good amount of water, but they kept the water/ice cold for several hours.  Even if you don’t have a yeti a large water bottle would be useful to avoid several trips to the water station.


I brought a few pairs of non-slip socks for walking back and forth from the hospital bed to the restroom.  I suggest socks over slippers to keep your feet warm all day/night including when you are in the hospital bed. Our hospital actually had socks for the Mom’s but I was not aware of that prior so I just used mine since I had packed them.


If you are planning on breast feeding you will absolutely want cream to help your nipples recover from the rawness between feedings.


Unfortunately, I did not have these in the hospital but I highly recommend ordering these!!! They literally are my favorite item to help my body recover. I anticipated breast feeding to be difficult but I did not plan for how sore and raw my nipples would be.  This only got worse over time… I got to the point where I did not want anything touching them. Even nursing bras, nursing pads and loose t-shirts all irritated my nipples and it wasn’t until I tried the lilly padz did I finally feel some relief.
 Lilly Padz


Nursing bras or tanks are certainly a must if planning to breastfeed.  I preferred the soft/sports bra kind and I still do when running errands or for being around the house.  I only wear the traditional nursing bra kind when going out.
 Nursing Bras


If you are breast feeding your milk will come in a few days after you deliver.  Milk flow is different for every Mom but most likely you will find that your milk leaks from time to time and nursing pads in your nursing bra will help absorb the leaky milk and hopefully avoid leaking through to your clothes. FYI – breast milk stains!!!! I learned that the hard way.


You will need to pack a going home outfit for your baby and yourself,  You will most likely plan to pack something comfortable and appropriate for the season.  I did this too but learned the hard way that I should have had a few options.  Our son was born mid February so  I packed a cute sweat pant and flannel shirt outfit for me and an adorable fleece onesie for our son. What I didn’t anticipate is that the weather would be 70 degrees on the day we went home! {Pack layers that could work for any kind of weather}


Undoubtedly you will be taking plenty of pictures of your sweet baby and family during your hospital stay. You may want to consider bringing a few items from home that you would want in your photos. A special baby bow, flower crown or beanie, swaddles, booties, diapers and/or any meaningful newborn items you may want to have included in the first few days of new baby’s life.

~ MISC ~

A few other items that are very helpful: hand cream. Now that you have a new baby you will be washing your hands all the time and the hospitals tend to be pretty dry… hand cream will come in handy! Also bring snacks!! Bring some of your favorite snacks to enjoy between meals and bring some to share… you may find your family is there for a few hours and having some munchies will make sure no one gets hangry!


Our hospital supplied disposable maternity underwear… I preferred these over other options out there. Luckily I found them on amazon and used them for about a month after delivery.


I ordered tucks based off a recommendation from a friend and packed them for the hospital, but fortunately our hospital supplied these as well.  But I was certainly glad to have them when I got home.  I used these for about two weeks after delivery.


Most hospital provide pads and you will certainly need a variety of these when you return home.  I have been told you usually use pads all the way threw week 6 postpartum.


{I have highlighted all the items I actually used during my stay – we were in the hospital for 3 days / 2 nights}
Maternity Robe
(3) Pajama Sets
(3) Non-Slip Socks
Nursing Bras
Going Home Outfit for Me
Going Home Outfit for Baby
(2) Pillows {brought for my husband}
Blanket {brought for my husband}
(2) Bath Towels
Heating Pad
Lacrosse Ball
Curling Iron
Hair Straightener
Nipple Cream
Playing Cards
Yeti Cups
Camera {we used our phones and professional photographers}
Video Camera


A special gift or card for all the nurses who will take good care of you and your baby during your hospital stay.
A custom name card with your babies name for his/her hospital bassinet.


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