Western Road Trip – Part Two



I was sad that this was our last day at the Tetons but it was the day I was looking forward to the most! Only because this was the day we would spend in Jackson Hole SHOPPING!!!!  I started the day with a 6 mile run because we were going to ride the Jackson Hole gondola up to 10,450 feet to a peak of the Tetons and eat WAFFLES!  I HIGHLY recommend this if you are in the area!  Reminder this was mid June but when we got to the top it was very windy and pretty cold.  I was not thinking and wore flip flops – ekk!  There was still SNOW on the top of the mountain!!!  We popped in the little waffle shack and enjoyed the best hot chocolate and waffles.   After exploring the top of the Tetons we checked out of our hotel and headed into town.  Jackson Hole is the cutest little square full of unique shops and dining opportunities.  We shopped for a few hours, at lunch at an outdoor pizza patio, enjoyed a tasty treat from Moo’s Creamery and called it a day.  We had about a 3.5 hour drive to our next destination: Twin Falls, ID.  Interestingly enough Mexican seemed to be a popular cuisine along our drive.  After passing enough restaurant signs for Mexican we took the hint and chose one for dinner.  As we enter there was a Mariachi band playing – thinking we picked a pretty legit place.  Dinner was quite good and the massive margarita bowl was even better… we slept good that night!



Trying to keep my workout regiment still somewhat intact on our vacation I ran 4 miles in the morning and experienced the same interesting feeling I mentioned from Wednesday during my 6 mile run in the Tetons.  As soon as I finished the run the feeling subsided – thankfully.  We were staying at a Holiday Inn Express which offered a decent breakfast… I was hoping for a waffle machine but they had a pancake machine instead (first time I had seen one of those).  We needed our energy for another day of hiking to the Shoshone Falls.  The Falls were very impressive… they say the Shoshone Falls are taller than Niagara but not as wide. It was very relaxing near the falls…it was a great place to rest and converse about life and some NEW and EXCITING news I wanted to share with the hubs!  (More to come on this in the next post).  After our day at the falls we dined at Canyon Crest overlooking the Snake River.



Unfortunately, our kayaking plans did not work out as planned – we forgot to make a reservation – so we made one for Saturday – thank goodness they were able to squeeze us into their books on a weekend.  We used this day to explore the Perrine Bridge and got to see a few B.A.S.E jumpers.  I have a slight aversion to bridges but my husband convinced me to attempt to walk on the bridge – I went halfway and didn’t like it too much.  The views were very pretty though.  We also drove about 35 minutes to check out Balanced Rock… pretty cool to see but not much else to do around it.  It was an easy day in Twin Falls that culminated with wonderful dinner at Elevation 486 which also overlooked the Snake River.



Kayaking ON! We each reserved sit in kayaks for our 4 mile round trip adventure to the Shoshone Falls.  At about mile one most folks turn around because there is a significant rock formation that you are not able to pass through while in the water.  We had to take our kayaks out of the water and carry them about 30 yards to the other side where we could get back in the water.  It was not terribly difficult and I understand not wanting to carry the kayaks however it is SO WORTH the hassle.  We were basically the only ones on the snake river… it was by far my favorite thing we did on our trip!  Once we got to the falls there were four other folks but that was it!  We had the falls all to ourselves.  Incredible view from below verse the top trail where we were previously.  We ate lunch, sunbathed and napped on some rocks off to the side of the falls.  We could have stayed there for hours… only we had to return the kayaks!  Being our last vacation evening we kept it low key… we went down town to a local sandwich shop for dinner and watched a movie in the hotel.  Perfect ending to a perfect adventure vacation!



 On the drive to the airport we recapped our trip and talked about our favorite things.  We also acknowledged that while we had an amazing trip it was more of an adventure than a relaxing vacation. We realized we were pretty exhausted.  And had a lot of planning to do for our next adventure!


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