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My travel schedule makes January a bit difficult to get on track and focus on new goals for the year. So, I let myself get through the month and kick off my “New Year” in February. I have a feeling 2018 is going to be FULL of excitement… it’s already off to a great start! January was hectic, but I squeezed in two Valentine projects {I’ll be sharing these soon} and coming up next I have NYFW, Kade’s First Birthday, my birthday and a couple styled shoots,

~ Love ~

This past year I have been filled with so much love that I often find myself crying for no other reason but happiness.  It’s like I am full of endless love my heart couldn’t possible hold it all in so I cry. Loving someone and receiving love is the most amazing feeling. When you share love with someone it’s inclusive of so many feelings… trust, respect, protection, understanding, and passion just to name a few.  And, then there is the new love I have now experienced… the love of being a Mother. This year my goal is to make sure all the love in my life is a priority. Loving my husband, my son, my family, my friends and loving myself. There are so many wonderful people who I love very much but hardly see or talk too because “life” gets in the way. I plan to have more date nights, family fun weekends, calling more, texting, sending birthday cards, planning get togethers with friends… just taking the time to be thoughtful, present and let them all know I care.
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~ Hustle ~

My husband and I have been having a lot of life planning discussions.  We are thinking about what I would guess most married couples with kids think about. Where we want to raise our family, what types of vacations would we like to take, do we want to own a second home, what do we want the next five years to look like, are we sending Kade to private school, what are our dreams and aspirations for our family…. the list goes on and on. Most likely a majority of the topics will remain a dream. We all know dreams don’t just turn into reality over night. It takes hard work, dedication, planning, risk taking and time.  We need to decide what dreams are the most important and then create steps or achievable milestones for turning them into our reality. I am certainly not lazy, nor do I lack passion or drive but TIME is where I am struggling these days. I struggle with finding enough time to eat dinner, empty the dish washer, put my shoes away… how can I possible thing I can take on dream chasing. Well, because I am my very own version of super woman and I can accomplish anything … just not everything! How I partition my time between wife time, mom time, family time, shoptini time,  and me time… will be the key to my success.  I am going to have to be comfortable not achieving 100% perfection all the time… some days I will kick butt at Mom Life and others day I’ll rock at Wife Life but then some of my other roles will have to take a back seat. My secret sauce will be… balance! On the other hand I am also a people pleaser {not a yes person but I do try to be all things to those that I care about}. Pleasing others sometimes get me off track however can be necessary for those I care about . I hope to prioritize my time, manage how many projects I take on at a time and strive for good balance between everyday life and chasing our dreams!
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~ Fitness ~

I miss running more than I ever thought I would! Running helps me stay in shape and feel good about my body appearance but even more so than that it’s essentially “free” therapy. Some of my best creative ideas happen during a run. It’s a time for me to allow my mind to wonder or focus on something specific. I don’t listen to music when I run… it’s just me, my thoughts and the MapMyRun lady checking in at each mile marker. After having Kade I was doing a good job of getting back into running… my distance was only 2-3 miles and my times were under 9-10 minute miles. I thought that was great and had me feeling good about getting back into the grove. Shortly after getting a bit of a groove I realized I was more focused on other projects and choosing to sacrifice my run time for other proprieties.  I found myself with less time and more stress trying to squeeze working out into each day. I eventually cut back out of necessity and then stopped all together. I think if I had a hard time loosing the baby  weight or didn’t fit into my clothes I would have been more motivated to run. Besides loosing my strength and endurance I realize I’ve also lost is the “me time”… a healthy escape to let my mind wonder. I wasn’t all that strong to start but dang I’m weak now! I’m am setting small, yet achievable goals for myself  that I can modify throughout the year. Starting this month my hope is to work out twice a month… right now is a little tough because of the weather… but no excuses! I have options… running, workout videos and classes at the gym… I just need to start. I can do this!
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~ Giving Back  ~

I’ve been thinking about ways I can give back for a while now. There isn’t a particular cause that I support… I usually support causes randomly or when their is a need.  This past year after recently becoming a mom the hurricane in Texas really pulled at my heart strings when I found out diapers were not included in natural disaster relief kits. I couldn’t imagine not being able to provide for my baby! My family and I are extremely fortunate and have been blessed in so many ways. I’d like to find ways to share our blessings with others and help other Moms provide for their little ones.
If you haven’t set goals for the year its never too late!  Anytime is a good time to think, talk and plan your personal journey. If you have already started your goals I hope they are going great!

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