Blanket Scarf Tutorial

Blanket Scarf_1

Blanket Scarves are the quintessential fall accessory adding warmth and style!  Blanket scarfs tend to be much bigger and bulkier than most scarves but well worth the time to learn how to style them.When I wear blanket scarves I receive multiple compliments on how nice the scarf looks but it usually followed up with “I wish I knew how to wear/fold blankets scarfs”.  There are many ways to wear blanket scarfs and they all look great, below I’m sharing a quick 6 step option to wearing your blanket scarf.

{Photography by: Megan Yohn}

BS 2

step 1: open scarf to a full square

step 2: fold in half with one point facing the ground

step 2: fold in half with one tail point facing the ground


step 3: holding a tail corner in each hand wrap around the back of your neck


Step 4: switch tail corners in the opposite hands to make a scarf necklace


step 5: pull scarf tails out to the sides which will bring the scarf closer to your neck


step 6: wrap the end tails around and tuck under the front of the scarf, fluff and finished!


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