New Year’s Eve Planning


Each year we {and when I say we, I mean”I”} tend to put a lot of pressure on ringing in the New Year.  I’m not really sure why I do, but I think it is synonymous with how you want your year to go.  Now, do I believe that…well no.  I have had plenty of dreary New Year’s and still had really good years.  So this year I thought long and hard about what I wanted to do!  I decided I wanted to go out to a really nice dinner and dance the night away.  My husband quickly reined me in on the reality of what an evening like that would cost on NEW YEAR’S EVE!!!!  Then I thought harder and all I really want is time with my husband!  The past several months have been hectic with our careers and we have not had a lot of quality time together.  I wanted to go out because I wanted us to get lost in the evening…just the two of us!  Then I realized I can still have that!!!  We can make the night magical at home and that is exactly what I have been planning today.  We are still going to get dressed up, enjoy a delicious meal, pop champagne (maybe a few bottles), dance in our foyer and enjoy the evening together sipping champagne wrapped up in each others arms and ringing in the New Year !



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