Weekend Getaway


My in-laws live outside of Raleigh and for the past seven years we have been passing signs for Lake Gaston every time we visit. One of our goals is to eventually own a vacation home at a lake or ocean and occasionally we discuss Lake Gaston being an option. {At the very least a place to visit}

Around the end of June I happened to be texting with a good friend (who lives in the Raleigh area) about trying to get together. It must have been meant to be because both of us are two of the busiest people I know and we both happened to have the same weekend free in July! Quickly our visit to catch up with our babies turned into a long weekend away for our families at Lake Gaston.

It was pretty last minute for us to rent a lake home on the very desirable lake…let alone one on a good location of the lake! We worked with Story Properties (the go-to rental property for Lake Gaston). Sandy and Beth were great at helping us find the perfect home for our getaway weekend at the lake! When we first called they had two homes available, the houses were great but location wasn’t exactly what had in mind. And then right when we were going to book one they had a new rental home on a great location become available…we booked it right away! All meant to be…

What I love about lake vacations is that you can roll in with everything you need and never leave… unless you’re on the boat! And roll in deep is exactly what we did…we all looked like we were moving in with all the baby items, water toys and food!

Surprisingly I had only packed two bags for myself… one for my clothes and one for shoes, makeup and accessories. And I still brought WAY too much! I did the same for Kade… packed way to much! With temperatures from 89-103 we all lived in our bathing suits and pjs at night!

It had been a while since we have had a lake trip and the first time taking a little one… I had some shopping to do!  Below are my lake must haves when travelling with an infant!

1_Infant Life Vest / 2_Infant One Piece Swimsuit UPF 50+ / 3_ Infant Aqua Socks / 4_Infant Sun Protection Hats / 5_Infant Sunscreen SPF50+ / 6_Babyaitors / 7_Inflatable Floats / 8_Infant Float / 9_Pink Sprinkle Donut Float / 10_Woven Sun Hat / 11_Red Gingham Bathing Top and Bottom / 12_Mix N Match Swim Top, TopTop and Bottom


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