Shopping Bag Art

shopping bag 9

Weekend DIY project started and finished in the same weekend… only 12 years in the making!!!!  Among the many things that I collect (clothing hang tags, headbands, flip flops, bandannas, scarfs… the list goes on and on) shopping bags is one of them.  Especially unique colorful bags from some of my favorite boutiques. I have been holding onto some of these bags since high school and from when I lived in Los Angeles.  As we are working on spring cleaning I finally decided to turn my shopping bags into wall art for my closet.  This way I will get to enjoy them everyday in my own special place of the house.

shopping bag 1shopping bag 5

I have about 25 shopping bags to choose from and a few are doubles which helps eliminate the options.  I have limited space and must only choose a few.  I’m checking each bag to see which ones are in the best condition and testing them out with the matted frames.
shopping bag 4shopping bag 2

This is a really expensive way to decorate your personal area… bedroom, office or closet! Shopping bags only cost as much as you spend in the store and picture frames can be found at a variety of craft stores. The pictures frames I chose are two different sizes, both were $10 each from A.C. Moore.

shopping bag 6shopping bag 7

London Sole is the originator of the ballet flat.  They are located on Montana Ave. (one of my favorite shopping areas) just north of Santa Monica, CA.  Everything about London Sole is cute, cute, cute from their gorgeous flats to their adorable boxes and bags!

shopping bag 8shopping bag 10shopping bag 11

Chalk drawing was from the 2015 Maryland Preakness.  There was a wonderful artist sketching ladies outfits… she captured mine perfectly. (Hoping she will be at the Preakness again this year)

shopping bag 15

Tory Burch / Juicy Couture / London Sole and Cabana (no longer in business)

shopping bag 14


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