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I don’t think this will be a surprise to you… I Love, Love, Love pictures and take pictures of everything.  I store all my photos on a master hard drive and joke that said hard drive is basically the diary of my life. There are many reasons why I love photos: pictures capture a moment in time and allow it to live over and over again, they can be shared with whoever you choose, I love to use photos as art throughout our house, pictures can bring back memories and feelings, they can evoke emotion and conversations and I of course love assisting people in creating styled photos that capture the essence of their special moment.  One thing you may not know about me is that I have a terrible memory.  Photographs not only help me remember the event or experience pictured but they remind me of how I felt during that moment.

Traditionally there are a few special times in one’s life where you would hire a professional photographer: weddings, family portraits, head shots and senior pictures. Today the reasons for hiring a photographer are endless!
Most recently we worked with Maewood Photography for our baby’s First 48. I knew I wanted to capture our babies first few hours and document us becoming a family.  Hospitals do offer a photographer who will come into your room take a handful of what can be nice pictures but then they charge you crazy amounts of money for 5 photos!!! (I might be exaggerating here but it is expensive)
If you are expecting a little one and interested in first life photos I highly recommend hiring a photographer ahead of time. They will most likely work out a on call or standby plan to come visit your family in the hospital for pictures. Since we had scheduled to have photos taken in the hospital I did pack a few things I wanted to use in our pictures. I packed a few of my favorite swaddles and beanies for Kade, his newborn freshly picked moccasins, buffalo plaid honest diapers and a name sign I made for his bassinet. Picture props / sentimental items will be different for each family but if you have time prior to your baby arriving, take a few minutes to pack a few special items, even if you’re just taking pictures on your phone!
In my case our son arrived at 1:28am on Saturday morning and our photographers Megan and Jes arrived at 9am that same morning. It just so happens that this worked out especially perfect in our case.  One, Kade’s complection was perfect (his newborn acne which is very common for most newborns had not started yet) and two, my husband and I were still running on adrenaline and pure joy.  Oh and luckily my hair and makeup still looked good from prior to delivery.  Meg and Jes stayed with us for about 2 hours and shot several candid photos throughout the morning.  There were not many we posed for and every time I look at these pictures they bring tears to my eyes. The first few hours of Kade’s life and when we became parents are captured for us and our families to always enjoy. I plan on framing a few for our house but having a hard time choosing!!! I would love to share them all with you but there are so many good ones so I picked a few of my favorites.
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Thank You Maewood Photography


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