Cinnamon Muffins for Christmas Breakfast

12.19.15 005

It means so much to me to have my family all together during this special time of year.  As we have gotten older we tend to sleep in a little longer on Christmas morning.  So I took this opportunity to get up early and make cinnamon muffins for my family. Our Christmas morning usually last a few hours because we open gifts one-by-one and take frequent hot chocolate/coffee and munching breaks.  These muffins will be the perfect snack!!

Muffin 4Muffin 5Muffin 1Muffin 3Muffin 212.19.15 005


Women’s Pajama Set // Mason Jars //  Red & White Stripe Straws 

Red Mixing Bowl // Non-Stick Muffin/Cupcake Pan

{Megan Yohn Photography}



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