Does anyone write Thank You notes anymore?

thank you

I’m heading out of town today for my first business trip of the year which had me running in a variety of directions this weekend.  I still wanted to relax as much as possible but I needed to also tackle a few things on my “to do list”.  One of those “to do’s” was to write and send out our Thank you notes.  While I was writing them and my husband was signing his name we had a conversation on how it seems that a hand written thank you is a dying gesture of thankfulness.  Wondering when this happened and when do you and when do you not write hand written “thank you’s? My parents always had my sister and I writing thank you notes when we received gifts for birthdays, Christmas, special occasion, religious events, graduations and similar occasions.  As I got older I continued to write thank you’s especially for bridal showers, wedding presents and Christmas.  Most people thank the gift giver in person while receiving the gift or through some form of communication like an email or text but I still feel its important to take the time and personally write a note.  I may be the only one that agrees but I am still going to send out my “thank you’s”!  Plus who doesn’t love receiving snail mail!!


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