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My husband and I just celebrated our four year anniversary this week! We chose to get married on April 20th in 2012… it was a little risky with the whole “April Showers” thing.  But we did have rain boots and umbrellas on stand by in case we needed them!  Lucky for us our day was PERFECT!  Spring had sprung early, the flowers were in full bloom, the sun was shining, temp was about 70 and there was a slight breeze in the air.  We exchanged our vows and celebrated into the evening at Lauxmont Farms Sunken Garden location. This particular location has three different areas within: a stone walled pool area (where we hosted our cocktail hour), a long stone stair case which led to a stone fountain (where we exchanged our vows and receiving line) and a tented area over looking the Susquehanna River where we celebrated.  We chose to have a receiving line because it was important to us to say hello and thank each of our guests but also to enjoy the day to its fullest.  After all… the day was our day and we wanted as much time on the dance floor as possible!!! When it came to wedding planning I will be honest… I wasn’t a peach…lol.  I had a lot of ideas and A LOT of DIY projects.  I used to be an event planner and work in the wedding industry which was a blessing and a curse.  I knew for sure that our wedding colors would be pink/green and that I wanted a Lilly Pulitzer wedding.  I was able to get the Mister to agree as long as he and his men did not have to wear pink.  It was a small comprise for the Lilly Pulitzer wedding of my dreams.


I first set out to find a LP wedding dress… and as chance would have Lilly Pulitzer was making wedding dresses back in 2012  however all of their dresses were all white! This surprised me since their brand was created on iconic colorful and vibrant prints.  I thought there would at least be some sort of print incorporation but there was not so I set out to have something special created for me.  I went to ebay searching to buy as much excess fabric as I could.  I took the fabric with me when I tried on wedding dresses and chose my dress based on how I could incorporate the lilly print.  Ultimately landing on a dress from  Amanda Ritchey Bridal and has the fabric inset on a side gusset.

I really love things that are unique and personal and for those who know me this dress was SOOOOOO me!!!! Another little detail added to the dress was my “Something Blue”IMG_8479

To continue the Lilly Pulitzer theme throughout our wedding my bridesmaids and flower girls wore Lilly dresses. And, we used the fabric in other unique ways…decor pillows around the cocktail area seating wall, the background to our table numbers, fabric tissue holders and programs for the ceremony, ring pillow and inspiration for our directional signage and invitations.

JEE_7704IMG_0825IMG_0841IMG_0828katy trefry photography-13578JEE_7748IMG_0845IMG_1295IMG_8636katy trefry photography-12263

Our colors and DIY continued throughout our decor.  My family all pitched in on several weekends to help bring my vision to life.  My aunt handmade cocktail centerpieces with old cans wrapped in colorful candy cane sticks, ribbon and flowers on top.

JEE_7657JEE_7659JEE_7658katy trefry photography-14027

We bought multiple 8 candle votives, filled them with stones and fake flowers for around the ceremony area.  We actually created these flower balls for my sister’s bridal shower (check out previous blog post) and then again at our wedding.  Fake flowers can be a benefit to your budget and give you flexibility to use them again.

katy trefry photography-13224

Growing up my Mom used to be a professional cake baker/decorator. I begged and pleaded for her to make our wedding cake and she finally agreed… looked and tasted AMAZING!


As I kept our budget in mind I had to decide… What were the most important items to me? Where can I save and Where can I splurge.  I saved on the dress (less than $1,000!!!) and on our flowers ($1200).  I splurged on photography, open bar and the food!!!

katy trefry photography-25419IMG_8681

And, we lived happily ever after!


{Photography by Katy Trefry}


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