After eight months of parenthood I have to admit, this age right now has been a bit crazy, but the most fun! Kade has us constantly laughing and smiling. Watching him experience the world is quite possibly the coolest thing I have or will ever experience.  If I had to describe Kade in three words it would be Sweet, Loving and Determined! His personality is is full swing now… he is always happy, super chill, loves to smile, laughs a bunch, can coo up a storm and still loves the attention and affection from his parents. Of course I am no expert but I feel like his developmental growth over the past two months has been on acceleration mode. Back in August for our six months pictures Kade was able to hold himself upright once placed sitting, quickly he figured out how to sit up by himself, then he started crawling and now he is able to pull himself up to standing and side walk when holding onto things. I’m pretty sure Kade will be walking, if not running by, Christmas.
I was really hoping for fall family photos but the leaves hadn’t really changed colors yet so I chose the very wooded NCR Trail for our location. I found a cute bridge surrounded by trees and a couple nearby fences. Typically each month I purchase a few items for our family style and they always seem to quickly add up. Being so close to the holidays and saving for Christmas I gave myself a little challenge this month. My goal was to style all three of us for under $100! I decided to outfit us all from Old Navy and supplement with some items we currently owned. Thankfully Old Navy happened to be offering 30% off your total purchase when I was shopping! Last minute I decided I needed a scarf which took me over my budget, but for the most part I was pretty close. But that scarf…. grrrrrrr! These photos might be my most memorable… but not for the reasons you might be thinking! Somehow I walked away from this shoot covered in poison oak! At first I thought it was poison ivy but turns out it was poison oak. And either way it’s nasty stuff!!! It showed up on my forehead, neck, arms, all over my back and side. During the shoot I kept taking my scarf off and on and throwing it around the wooded area. I can only guess it got on the scarf and then the oils spread as I moved the scarf around me. Thankfully my boys didn’t get it. It would have been terrible to have Kade’s little skin all bubbly and itchy and I probably wouldn’t forgive myself. And if my husband got it then he would probably put and end to our monthly family photos or at the very least end having them in the woods.
At least we got some cute pictures!
And I will definitely remember these.. lesson learned and I will be a bit more cautious from now on!!

IMG_4852 IMG_4940 IMG_5016 IMG_5264 IMG_4872 IMG_4919 IMG_4789 IMG_5031 IMG_4970 IMG_4882 IMG_5255 IMG_5228 IMG_5199 IMG_4782 IMG_4865 IMG_4979 IMG_5062 IMG_4949 IMG_5236 IMG_4996 IMG_4870 IMG_4994 IMG_5253 IMG_4871



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