What a week alright!

Last week kicked off New York Fashion Week and while it is my dream to attend one day I was lucky to be invited to a few stylish events in Baltimore showcasing 2017’s Fall Fashion! My week was shaping up to be a complete whirlwind but I couldn’t help but to be giddy about it. I would have preferred to spend the weekend planning for the week especially what I was going to wear, but I had to be out in Denver for a work trip. Naively I had signed up to run a 5K on Sunday and was now stressing about how my feet and legs would manage being in heels all week. I knew I would be a prime example of “pain is beauty” but I managed to rock heels all week. {My recovery secret: after spending a few hours standing in heels, and sometimes after I run, I recover by using a muscle roller stick on my calves}
On Tuesday evening I was invited by Heidi from HEIDnSEEK Entertainment to attend the grand re-opening of A Style Studio.  Kade was my date for the evening and when we arrived we were greeted by a few of the stylish boutique employees offering cotton candy bubbly! When we walked in there was a beauty bar to the left where we got to sample a few lipsticks and were even given one as a gift for attending.  To the right was a rock’n DJ in front of a beautiful accessory bar. The register was along the right side lined with lit display cases… this is where I fell in love with a few of their stone rings! Following the register was a well organized denim wall and the fitting rooms.  On the other side of the store were clean racks with the latest fall fashion trends.  I saw lots of grays, blues, textured fabrics, fur and camo {a personal fav!}.  The entire store was bright white and all of the items just popped off the walls and fixtures.  In the center was a two story round fixture housing some super trendy clutches! I have my eye on an olive green clutch for only $65!! Kade and I were extremely excited to run into a few familiar faces and meet some new ones too. All the ladies loved Kade and he was really good which wasn’t a surprise, but it was a bit difficult to actually shop and enjoy the tasty treats with a little human attached to my hip. {Side note: when you negotiate with your husband which events or nights you will take the baby to, make sure you really think them through… I should have taken Kade to my Wednesday night event vs. Tuesday night}.  That being said I already fell in love with a few stone rings and two handbags. I can’t wait get back there so I can really shop!
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Baltimore is always bustling with a variety of events and this week was no different. The Baltimore Convention Center happened to be hosting a food and beverage tradeshow. Kodiak Cakes {one of their exhibitors} had invited me to an evening event held at The Inn at Henderson’s Wharf to sample some of their tasty treats. The Park City based company blew away my expectations for the evening. Everything I tried was absolutely amazing, from the fish tacos to the chicken and waffles to the blueberry jam. I didn’t hesitate to load up my swag bag especially with the pumpkin flapjack mix… Hello Fall! I chatted with their CEO, Joel who told me all about their company and how the idea came from his Mom. I love supporting business like that… start small, grow big and still remain humble. But they are by no means small now… you can find their products at Target and Costco.  I also bumped into Rachel Mulherin. We had been to a few of the same events previously but had yet to formally meet. We chatted for almost an hour! Rachel had just gotten back from having her jewelry in fashion week and was telling me all about it! I feel like we could have talked for hours but the evening was getting late and we both had decided to leave.  Although, through our conversation we also realized we would be seeing each other again at the Fall Fete Fashion Show on Friday.
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FRI-YAY! Almost the weekend and I was getting there with a bang! I hadn’t had a week like this in a long time! And this Friday night was truly rare… I was double booked! Kind of makes me laugh but I love it! Prior to being invited to the Fall Fete Fashion Show held at Green Spring Station I had signed Kade up for a trial swim lesson. Thankfully both the swim lesson location and the fashion show were only 15 minutes from one another. It was a bit comical getting all dolled up for the fashion show in the middle of the swim school but it worked out perfectly!  The evening was gorgeous for an open air fashion show. Amanda {owner of Boutique 44} joined me for the evening and we ate, we sipped, we viewed, we shopped and we of course popped into the photo booth!  The fashion show was about an hour and featured fall looks from all the boutiques in Green Spring.  I am hoping I get invited to a few formal holiday parties just so I have a reason to splurge on one or two dresses from Francesca’s!!
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Here are a few of my favorite pieces I wore this week!


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