2 Month Family Photos


Huge thank you goes to my Mom for getting behind the camera to snap our family photos.  These pictures doubled as our Easter photos and Kade’s two month pictures. We chose the historic Jerusalem Mill for our location and four backdrops on site. At two months old Kade’s attention span is basically non existent and he hasn’t hit the smiling phase yet so we had to keep it quick. We started with one of the historic stone buildings, then a wood pavilion, by the water and finished on a bridge.  My sister surprised Kade with babyators for Easter and decided to use those and do a few pictures of us all wearing our aviators. I also wanted to match Kade in a tasteful way and noxx beanies provided the perfect solution! They sell Mommy and Me beanie/headband sets perfect for Mommies with little boys. (Obviously works for Mommies with little girls too.) For more details on our family photo style check out my Easter Style post.

IMG_7925 IMG_7659 IMG_7960 IMG_7672 IMG_7543 IMG_7668 IMG_7900 IMG_7537 IMG_7841 IMG_7738 IMG_7669 IMG_7945 IMG_7723 IMG_7697 IMG_7562 IMG_7736 IMG_7968 IMG_7906 IMG_7536 IMG_7964 IMG_7916 IMG_7667 IMG_7701 IMG_7756 IMG_7676 IMG_7671


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