Snow Kissed Maternity Shoot


Months ago when I started planning our maternity shoot, I was searching for maternity gowns and came across Sew Trendy.  I instantly fell in love with so many of their designs but the question was…which one!? I spent weeks trying to choose a gown and plan our maternity photo theme.  After talking through some of my ideas with Maewood Photography we landed on a semi-local waterfall that I used to visit as a kid.  I hadn’t been to Kilgore Falls in over a decade but I knew it would be the perfect setting to capture the happiness and joy we have for our greatest adventure.  It would also be a perfect backdrop to tie in my passion for the outdoors.  I had saved a bunch of my turkey feathers from this past spring and was hoping to incorporate them into a flower crown or bouquet. I met with Lana from Fleur de Lis (she had created my flower crown for our announcement photos) and she assured me this was absolutely possible to add them into a flower crown and that she had a few other ideas as well.  My goal was to work with the most talented people I know to help me create something very special for my husband and I to cherish always.  Since we were going to be outside in January I chose the Emerlie Gown in ivory with an extended train, off the shoulder long sleeves and a fully closed/non-split front to help me stay warm.  And, my aunt (who loves me so very much) handmade a custom fur shawl for me to complete my maternity style.

 The morning of our photos, I had an appointment with Erica and Amanda from Silver Immersions to style my hair and makeup.  About halfway into our morning together we noticed it had started to snow!!!!  The weather had been calling for cold temperatures… and I mean cold (it was about 18 degrees) but they did not call for snow!!! A rush of emotions swept over me… first there was happiness… I was so incredibly happy because I was hoping and wishing to have our photos in the snow.  Then there was worry… how much snow would we get? It was already so cold, we would have a half mile walk back to the falls, and we would need to cross a creek too!  And, finally, panic… after all the planning and preparation, I did not want the shoot to be called off, or rather, I did not want my husband to call the shoot off.  At eight months pregnant I knew that could be a reality of him being protective and not wanting to risk anything happening.  I put all those thoughts away (mostly because I did not want to cry and ruin my makeup) and focused on how beautiful the snowfall was on my drive home.  When I arrived home my husband was still getting ready and had not realized it was snowing.  With the cold weather and snow I put the dress on at home rather than change into it at the falls.  I wrapped the long train around my body, bundled up with a heavy Victoria Secret bath robe, (because that was the only warm item I had to fit around my belly) and put on my waterproof rubber boots.  I grabbed a winter coat that I could not zip up and some hot hand warmers and off we went.

We all arrived safely and bundled up for our half mile walk/hike and creek crossing to the falls.  The scenery was absolutely magical and that is exactly how these photos turned out.  When I look at these pictures I am completely amazed that they are real!  I had a hard time choosing which photos to share with you because they are all exquisite.  For a few short moments we found our own little Narnia to celebrate the miracle of a child…our child…our sweet baby boy.

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